Look what I made with magnets! When I first started it I didnt know ;what to do. So I looked on the box and it said yellow 1so I put all the yellows on the ones. And finally I finished!
It is a flashlight. It feels bumpy and smooth.The color of it is silver.How dos it light up? I think our next unit is the ocean unit because the box is full of swimming gear.
Today Jingles left us lots of candy canes!! We had to say 3 appreciations to one person. The colors of the candy canes are red green and white I picked green. I like Jingles but now he left.
Ilike origami! I know how to make lots of things like a turtle and a doll.I tiped in crafts for kids and it showed a list of crafts to do then I cliked on origami and it showed lots of paper crafts and it showed me how to make a whale and other stuff to! I like origami! 
Sky blue looks like the blue sky when it is sunny. Sky blue feels like holding a ice cube on a cold day.Sky blue tastes like icy cold water. Sky blue smells like the salty smell of the ocean when you walk on the beach.Sky blue sounds like a loud thunder storm at night. I like sky blue!
I like origami! I know how to make a blow up ball and a rose and lots of other things to! I like origami!
We went to Olomana gardens on Friday. At Olomana gardens we got to feed chickens,horses and fish.We saw lots